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All Car Mechanical Work

North Shore Radiators & Mechanical Services provides all types of mechanical services for your vehicle. Our team provides repair and maintenance services to all types of models and makes of sedans, wagons, hatchbacks, ligh, heavy duty & 4WD vehicles.

Our range of mechanical services includes –


    • Brakes – We cater to all types of issues related to brakes. If you are experiencing vibrating, grinding or any other related problem, we are here to help you. We replace all types of brake shoes, pads, disc rotors brake calipers, and wheel & master cylinder.
    • Exhaust Repair – We are here to help you with all your exhaust problems that include leaking, rusting, bumping noises and overheating. We have expertise in repairing or replacing exhaust pipes, exhaust gaskets, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.
    • Steering – Do not be worried if you have any steering problems as we have solutions for all possible problems related to steering. If your car is making noises while turning, leaking power steering fluid or needs a new steering pump, then we are here to rectify them for a better driving performance.
    • Suspension – North Shore Radiators & Mechanical Services provides you with all the suspension repairs ranging from ball joints, shock absorbers and leaf springs to sway bars.
    • Clutch – Our mechanics rectify all kinds of clutch problems and can replace even the complete clutch kit including the pressure plate, clutch plate and the thrust.
    • Ignition – If your car does not start as it should, do not panic as we offer solutions to all ignition related problems. Whether the problem lies in the ignition coil, spark plugs, ignition lead or the battery, we can repair and replace all components related to your vehicle’s ignition.
    • Timing Belts – Breakage of timing belts can cause serious damage to the engine. As per the make of your vehicle, you need to replace the timing belt once it covers a certain number of kilometres (mentioned in the log book). We provide timing belts, kits, tensioners and idler pullies.
    • Alternator or Starter Motors – If your car does not start properly, the problem may lie in the alternator or starter motor. We provide all repair services and new parts to make sure that your vehicle starts flawlessly.
    • Head Gasket Repair – Whether your car has a damaged cylinder head or a blown head gasket, we will provide you the most superior services for rectification of the issue. We not only check the corrosion or cracks, but also inspect the whole cooling system for any damages.

We also do complete engine overhauling, water pump repair and replacement and cylinder head repair.

Whatever may be your need, we offer solutions to provide you with a trouble free driving service. Our best in industry services, expert mechanics and affordable charges make us the premier car care services providers in the North Shore of Sydney. For a free quote or inquiry, visit our our FREE quote page or call us.